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Welcome to the EControl Knowledge Center. On the following pages you will find FAQs as well as useful information, help and tools regarding the product ECONTROL®.

Here you can find information on the technology, technical data, guidelines and usage instructions, but also current news and information on forthcoming trade fairs. 


ECONTROL® – Technology meets aesthetics

The façade is a building's "figurehead". It is an element of marketing and the public representation of the building. It should therefore be aesthetically pleasing.

In modern architecture, the standards are even higher.

Architectural visions combine openness and transparency with aesthetics, technology and energy efficiency.

ECONTROL®, the intelligent façade glazing, unites all these aspects with its innovative technology.

The electrochromic glass contains an internal coating that changes its colour as soon as a small electric current is applied. Through this so-called "electrochromic effect", the glass turns a blue shade and ensures a comfortable climate in the rooms behind it.

The linked PDF file provides detailed information about the ECONTROL® technology. 


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Technical data

ECONTROL® – Innovative technology in numbers

State of Glazing Light Transmission
Tv (%)
as per DIN EN 410
SHGC (%)
as per DIN EN 410
as per DIN EN 673
Spectral Selectivity
ECONTROL smart glass® II
Double glazing, (standard) structure
EC9/16/4 1) 2)
bleached 56 42 1,1 5,6
coloured 10 10 1,1 5,6
ECONTROL smart glass® III
Tripple glazing, structure
EC9/12/4/12/4 1) 2)
bleached  51 36 0,53) 6,4
coloured 9 8 0,53) 6,4

1) Inner pane CG Premium 2
2) Values deviate for other combinations
3) With krypton-gas filling

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Guidelines and instructions

ECONTROL® – Guidelines & instructions

On the next pages, you will find a collection of the most important guidelines and instructions for using ECONTROL®.

Along with instructions for installation and use, we have also made available important guidelines regarding glazing, cleaning and transport.


To the guidelines & instructions


ECONTROL® has a wide spectrum of certificates and test reports.

More information


We have gathered all important documents, information and handbooks for easy access in our downloads section.