ECONTROL® has obtained a large number of certificates and test reports.

One of these is the CE mark for the ECONTROL® laminated glass. Of course our insulation glass manufacturer has its own CE mark. 

CE mark

ECONTROL®-laminated glass conforms to the requirements for products from the European Union on the basis of: 

  • Test report 605 33082 from ift-Rosenheim  DIN EN ISO 12543-4 and
  • Internal quality control

Test reports on light and energy values

In addition, our light and energy values have been tested and confirmed. We have a test certificate from Kiwa Magedeburg covering these areas.


Test certificate for double-pane insulation glass

Test certificate for triple-pane insulation glass

Test reports on walkability

For roof installations, ECONTROL® can be constructed to meet the additional requirement of "walkability for the purpose of cleaning". We have several individual permits for this. Alternatively, you can order a report from a surveyor.


Fall-protection glazing

ECONTROL® glazing has a general building authority test certificate for fall-protection glazing up to a size of 1350 x 3300 mm. 

Certificate TRAV

Sound insulation

ECONTROL® has tested selected combinations for noise insulation constructions according to DIN EN 20140 and DIN EN ISO 10140 (insulation against airborne sound). Numerous certificates and test reports from laboratories are available. Please request test reports according to your individual requirements.

We currently have test reports up to 50 dB. Combinations designed to exceed this can be realized on an individual basis.

ECONTROL® – Regular building product

ECONTROL® - the laminated glass is a regular building product by the german building regulation list. A corresponding confirmation was made by the ift Rosenheim from 27.11.2011.


EControl-Glas use a basic product for the laminated glass of tempered glass with a conductive coating. For this purpose and for other product combinations, EControl-Glas has an AbZ.


On the basis of this approval, ECONTROL® will continue to be a regulated construction product, even in accordance with the future administrative regulations for technical building regulations (VVTB), which will replace the Building List List (BRL) from spring 2017 onward.