ECONTROL® – Guidelines & instructions

On the next pages you will find the most important guidelines and instructions for handling ECONTROL®.  

ECONTROL® – Using the sample case

For presentations at your company or for your customers we provide you with a sample case. The following video explains exactly how to use it. 

The english tutorial is coming soon!

German tutorial

ECONTROL® – Transport & storage

The following points need to be observed when transporting and storing ECONTROL® insulation glass panes: 

  • Protect from contact with hard objects
  • Place and store properly
  • Transport only with glass racks  
  • Always carry and transport glass components vertically
  • Do not put down directly on a corner
  • Do not drag across the floor on one edge of the glass
  • Always use underlays (wooden planks or rubber corner guards)
  • ECONTROL® insulation glass must stand evenly on two underlays across its entire thickness
  • Underlays and tip-preventers should be perpendicular to the glass surface
  • Store in a dry, well-ventilated place that is protected from the weather
  • Always use protective layers (cork sheets) between glass panes
  • At the construction site, the panes should always be covered in black packing sheets or covers
  • Protect from intense sunlight until installation


    ECONTROL® – Glazing guidelines

    Im The linked PDF document provides an overview of important points on installing ECONTROL®. The information applies to ECONTROL® insulation glass.

    Complying with the installation guidelines is a precondition for any liability claims, especially damage claims and warranty claims. Failure to comply will result in an exclusion of liability. ECONTROL® insulation glass panes and edge components may not be modified after manufacture.


    ECONTROL® – Installation instructions

    The installation instructions should be followed. They contain the valid guidelines for the electrical installation.

    The instructions for installation are comprehensively explained in the linked document and should be read carefully before installing the control equipment.


    ECONTROL® – Operating instructions

    EControl-Glas offers various possibilities for controlling the panes. All the details can be found in the linked PDF document.   


    ECONTROL® – Cleaning guidelines

    The following points should be observed when cleaning installed ECONTROL® insulation glass: 

    • In sunlight, dimmed ECONTROL® insulation glass can heat up to 60-70 °C. Cleaning from outside should therefore only be performed in the undimmed state.
    • ECONTROL® insulation glass panes should not be cleaned on warm, sunny days or in direct sunlight.
    • At the construction site: to prevent glass corrosion on the exterior glass surfaces, cement and other construction deposits should be removed immediately.
    • Do not use scratching tools such as razor blades or scrapers or abrasive cleaning materials such as scouring agents or steel wool as these will scratch the surface of the glass.
    • Hard-to-remove deposits, e.g. adhesives, paint or tar should only be removed with suitable solvents.


    ECONTROL® – Visual evaluation

    The linked PDF document contains all the guidelines for the visual evaluation of the quality of ECONTROL® glazing.

    In general:

    ECONTROL® panes are made from individual, thermally toughened glass panes, and the insulation glass panes are partially made from thermally toughened or fully tempered glass. A characteristic of thermally toughened and tempered glass is the greater number of ripples compared to float glass.

    With ECONTROL®, two thermally toughened panes are combined into one laminated pane. This can result in overlapping of the ripples and in optical distortions.

    Optical distortions that may arise from the tempering process do not affect the electrochromic functionality and are therefore not a cause for complaints or claims.