ECONTROL® - Technology meets aesthetics

A façades is a building's "figurehead". It is an element of marketing and the public representation of the building. It should therefore be aesthetically pleasing.

Openness and transparency, combined with aesthetics, daylight usage and energy efficiency, are architectural standards.

ECONTROL®, the intelligent façade glazing, unites all these aspects through its innovative technology.

The electrochromic glass contains an internal coating that changes its colour as soon as a small electric current is applied. Through this so-called "electrochromic effect", the glass turns a blue shade and ensures an agreeable interior climate.

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Product construction

ECONTROL® – Product construction and method of function

The dimmable solar control glass ECONTROL® is an insulating glass with an electrochromic laminated exterior pane. Applying a small voltage (<5V) colours the glass, allowing the light and energy transmission to be variably adjusted.

At the highest dimming level the blue colouring provides optimal solar control and daylight usage.


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Switching behaviour

ECONTROL® – Dimmable glazing: from low to full shading

Ideal solar control at the touch of a button

The switching time for dimmable glazing from the lightest to the most intense shading depends on a variety of factors. It is influenced by the size of the panes, their shape and the outside temperature at the exterior pane. 

The average switching time is 20-25 minutes for a complete change of colour at a glass temperature > 20°C.*

This applies to panes of up to 2.5 m² in size. As the size increases, and depending on the geometry, the process can take longer.

Due to its construction, dimmable glazing switches more rapidly in sunlight and warm exterior temperatures. Temperatures under 10°C lead to significantly longer switching times.

*In keeping with common international definitions for dynamic glazing, this refers to 90% of the maximum change in transmission.


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Control systems

ECONTROL® – Innovative glazing that is easy to use

As well as versatile, adaptable and innovative glazing, EControl-Glas offers a convenient, user-friendly control concept.

As standard, ECONTROL® glazing is adjusted via automated controls.

A modern interface integrated into the control component ECmaster allows for several ways to access the control system.


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Continuous operation and long-term testing of ECONTROL®

Accelerated ageing tests – based on DIN EN ISO 12543-4 for laminated glass.


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