ECONTROL® – Construction and method of function

ProduCT construction

ECONTROL® dimmable solar control glass is an insulation glass with an electrochromic laminated pane on the outside. Applying a small voltage (<5V) colours the pane, enabling the light and energy transmission to be variably adjusted.

At the highest dimming level the blue colouring provides optimal solar control and daylight usage.

The construction of ECONTROL® intelligent building glazing is basically comparable to that of other solar control and heat insulation glazing (see figure). In insulation glass, the exterior electrochromic laminated pane can be combined with different glass types to add further functions. This modular construction enables ECONTROL® glazing to be adapted to a wide range of required functionalities in different building types and installation scenarios.  

method of function

The insulation glass construction is essential for optimal solar control. The dimmable electrochromic laminated pane on the outside primarily controls the direct energy transmission.

Beside infrared light, a large portion of the sunlight is absorbed, depending on the dimming level, and transformed into long-wave heat radiation. This is ideally reflected by the insulating layer in the insulation glass. With this construction, up to 90% of the summer heat can be kept outside.