Shading meets aesthetics – with electrochromic glazing

Greater design freedom for architects and developers: with ECONTROL®, the need for exterior mechanical shading systems is already dispensed with in the planning phase. The ECONTROL® advantage: shading that is integrated into the glass instead of blinds and awnings. It enables straight-lined, aesthetic, and barrier-free planning of façades and glass roofs.

Electrochromic glazing technology can be used in the most varied applications – including situations in which a mechanical system for solar control would be very difficult, if not impossible, to implement.

Of course, the technology is well-suited to large glazed roofs and glass façades. But electrochromic glazing is also a convenient shading solution for conservatories and for complex areas with uncommon shapes and sizes.

ECONTROL® electrochromic glazing is already in use in schools, sports halls, hospitals, public buildings, office buildings and conservatories. The panes have been installed both as roofing and in the façade.

No matter where you decide to use electrochromic glazing for shading, it creates the best work climate. Like sunglasses for the building, the panes turn a darker colour in strong sunlight. They also keep up to 90% of the sun's heat outside – great for heat protection in the summer! But electrochromic glazing can do even more.  

The possibilities from a designer's perspective are numerous. ECONTROL® enables an open, transparent design and creates a connection to the outside world. Electrochromic glazing provides an agreeable interior climate without obstructing the view. It is the optimal solution when retrofitting historic or protected buildings.

With ECONTROL®, even complex shading problems become solvable. Electrochromic glazing can be applied in situations where mechanical solar control systems reach their limit. Whether wind or frost – ECONTROL® continues to provide optimal solar control regardless of the outside conditions. The glazing fits into common frames and can be delivered in a wide variety of models.

This results in a wide range of applications for electrochromic glazing.

In the object gallery are some of the buildings that have acquired a unique, special flair using ECONTROL®. Whether in façades or on the roof, ECONTROL® is a successful combination of solar control and pleasing aesthetics, providing a light-flooded interior with optimal heat control.


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